Manor Farm Lamb Boxes

Here are Manor Farm we are the proud producers of 100% grass fed lamb.

Our lambs are born and reared here at Manor Farm, out at pasture, and are 100% grass fed. We take pride in the sustainable way in which we farm here at Manor Farm and are always looking to ensure the highest of welfare standards for our livestock. 

Our lamb is expertly butchered and packed ready for either immediate cooking or freezing and is hung to maximise the flavour and tenderness and can be butchered to your requirements or even supplied un-butchered for spit-roasting for foodies who want to try butchery for themselves….for the latter option you will require a large fridge!

Delicious Leg of Lamb

As well as producing good quality, great tasting meat we are also offering a more sustainable alternative to imported produce. So much can be achieved by supporting local farmers.

Our standard boxes contain the following and can be ordered @ManorFarmLamb on Facebook or directly on 07854 980532:

Whole Lamb Box – £140

  • Leg of Lamb x 2
  • Shoulder of Lamb x 2
  • Breast of Lamb (rolled)
  • Lamb Chops
  • Heart and Liver available on request

Half Lamb Box – £75

  • Leg (this joint can be halved for ease of freezing and portion size)
  • Shoulder (as above)
  • Breast (rolled)
  • Heart and Liver available on request

Whole Leg – £12

Half Leg – £7.50

Whole Shoulder – £11

Half Shoulder – £5.50

Pack of 2 chops – £4.50 – (6 chops £12)

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