Manor Farm Lamb Boxes

Where it all began...

“You’ve heard of dig for victory, now it is time to eat for Britain.”

Over the 2017 winter Joe and I (Harriet Godwin) made our first tentative steps back into the world of British farming. Since my father sold his dairy herd and moved into the more commercial world of ice cream production and camping we have had to let farming here take a back seat. Finally, after nearly 15 years Manor Farm is now making a come back with the next generation of budding enthusiasts.

Joe and I purchased our first 16 store lambs on the 16th August 2017. They clearly turned us insane because we are now the proud owners of 79 ewes here at Manor Farm. No flock is complete without some strapping young males so in the Autumn we introduced three pedigree Lleyn rams. As a result this Spring will see us embarking on our first lambing.

You have to be in it to win it….so….not only are Joe and I embarking on this journey with very little experience in sheep farming we are also going to be juggling with the added delight of Brexit just around the corner, ‘proper jobs’ to hold down, running a campsite as well as caring for our demanding equines and all that entails.

To ensure you can all laugh and cry with me throughout April (and be my support crew with wine and tea in equal measures) my aim is to ensure I post regular updates from the lambing shed (currently in the construction phase – no one panic). I want all my friends, family and future customers to be part of this journey so watch this space…

All of the lambs are 100% pasture fed resulting in a locally produced, sustainable alternative to supermarket bought meat.

The lamb boxes we offer provide you with a half or whole lamb butchered to your requirements to suit any family/freezer. We also offer lamb and mint burgers, chops and barnsley chops which can all be ordered separately.

The sustainable and natural way we are farming here should improve not only the life of the animal raised but the quality of the land we farm and in turn the flavour and quality of the meat you are buying…what more could you want!


Whats on offer...

Whole Lamb Box – £140

  • Leg of Lamb x 2
  • Shoulder of Lamb x 2
  • Breast of Lamb (rolled)
  • Lamb Chops
  • Heart and Liver available on request

Half Lamb Box – £75

  • Leg
  • Shoulder
  • Breast (rolled)
  • Heart and Liver available on request


Whole Leg – £12

Half Leg – £7.50

Whole Shoulder – £11

Half Shoulder – £5.50

Pack of 2 chops – £4.50 – (6 chops £12)

Lamb and Mint Burgers – 12 for £12