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Autumn Update – Lamb Boxes, Brexit and Vegans

We have had a busy summer on the farm. The lambs have all been weaned and have been revelling in a summer of perfect grass growing weather. Resulting in us being able to fulfil our first orders of boxed lambs, born and reared on the farm.

Joe and I have taken great pleasure in knowing our lambs have been reared to the very best of our ability, to the highest welfare standards and as a result we have been able to supply home grown lamb to a number of our closest neighbours.

Its a trying time for farmers at the moment in the world of social media and the press. The latest vegan trend, on top of the uncertainty of Brexit, is definitely causing a few farmers to question the industry in which they work and the sensibility of the British public but I remain hopeful that small farmers like myself and Joe will be able to rely on a simple logic………

Local, extensively reared livestock, boxed and sold within a few miles of their birth has to be more sustainable than grain imported from all over the globe to meet the demands of the next fad diet. I trust those local to me shop sensibly, buy locally and support British farmers.

With that in mind drop me a message to order yourselves a lovely box of lamb….ready now!

Lamb chops and green beans all grown at Manor Farm

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